Title Insurance and Abstract Services

All Star and Abstract Company, LLC provides property owners in and around Long Prairie and Alexandria, MN reliable estate transaction assistance. Our title and abstract services start with scrutinizing the public records of the property; then we help our clients protect their claim of ownership. We are usually consulted prior to the procurement of the property to guarantee a clear title and determine fraud.

Why Do I Need Title Insurance?
There are many title issues that could cause you to lose your property or your mortgage investment. Even the most careful search of public records may not disclose the most dangerous threats and hidden risks. These issues may not be uncovered until years later.

Here are some of the issues that occur most frequently:

  • Deeds by Persons Supposedly Single, But Secretly Married
  • Deeds Delivered After Death of Grantor, Without Consent of Spouse
  • Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure Given Under Duress
  • Marital Rights of Spouse Purportedly, But Not Legally, Divorced
  • Impersonation of the True Owner of the Land
  • Deeds by Minors
  • Deeds by Persons of Unsound Mind
  • Deeds to or From Defunct Corporations
  • Defective Acknowledgments by Notaries
  • Duress in Execution of Instruments
  • Erroneous Reports Furnished by Tax Officials
  • Forged Deeds, Releases, Etc.
  • Misrepresentation of Will
  • Mistakes in Recording Legal Documents
  • Surviving Children Omitted From Will
  • Administration of Estate of Persons Absent But Not Deceased
  • Birth or Adoption of Children After Date of Will
  • Claims of Creditors Against Property Sold By Heirs or Devisees
  • Deeds by Foreign Parties

Without title insurance from a reputable and financially solvent company, your title could be worthless. With the proper title insurance, your rights will be defended in court.

Our Real Estate Transaction Services Cover

  • Abstracts and Plat Drawings
  • Closing Packet and Payoffs
  • Closing Protection Letters
  • Construction Loans
  • Preliminary CD’s
  • Refinancing Assistance
  • Title Commitments
  • Title Insurance Protection
  • Underwriting Requirements to Close/Fund

Inquire About Our Title Services Cost
At All Star Title and Abstract Company, LLC, we work with home buyers and sellers, real estate agents, and clients who simply want to refinance. Because of our commitment to fulfilling our customers’ satisfaction, we are willing to adapt to your schedule. Should you need more details about our title service rates, call us or better yet visit our office for more information.